Yummy Winter Specials at the Belvedere Inn

If you’re searching downtown Lancaster for something quite special to dine on this weekend, head into the Belvedere Inn!

Feel free to start with executive chef Corinna Killian’s delicious appetizer called Cabernet Beef Cheef Potstickers, which are served with pickled beets. “The meat is slowly braised in a red wine, vinegar, and demi liquid at a low temperature for four hours before I cube the meat,” Corinna explains.

She then reduces it in the red wine mixture until it completely coats the meat, mixing in a small amount of goat cheese and spinach. The delicious filling is formed into potstickers using wonton wrappers. The potstickers are pan-fried and served with a buttery cabernet demi and sliced pickled beets.

BelvedereSpecial2Pictured on the right is a Pan Seared Black Sea Bass. It is served with a smoked bay scallop farro. The farro consists of onion and tomato concasse, tossed together with a bit of sour cream. The tang of the sour cream balances out the smokiness which comes through as it’s tasted. The bass is then served with collard greens in a yuzu white wine sauce. Corinna braises the greens in a chimichurri for roughly two hours. The chimichurri is made of garlic, shallots, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, orange zest, and some red pepper flakes for a little kick.

Corinna adds, “For those just wanting to warm up with a soup, my two for the weekend are Crab Bisque and a Roasted Chicken Barbecue with Potato soup.”

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

Belvedere Inn
402 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA
(717) 394-2422
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