Warm Your Spirit… With a Warm Spirit
(Hot Alcoholic Beverages)

As the soft white snow falls around us, we deserve to wrap our hands around a warming beverage.  Here are some of our favorites in town that you can get today!

Irish Coffee (Coffee + Bailey’s + Whiskey)
Mudslide (Coffee + Kahlua + Bailey’s)
Nutty Irishman (Coffee + Bailey’s + Frangelico)

Horse Inn:
Hot Buttered Rum (Spiced Rum + Amish Butter + Hard Spice + Salt)
Navy Grog (Spiced Rum + Black Tea + Lemon)
Kentucky Coffee (Coffee + Bourbon Cream + Creme De Coco)

Happy Coffee (Coffee + Frangelico + Bailey’s + Kahlua + Whipped Cream + Creme De Coco)
Irish Coffee (Strong Coffee + Irish Whiskey + Creme De Coco)

Butterfinger Coffee (Coffee + Irish Whiskey + Butter Schnapps + Bailey’s + Whipped Cream + Caramel Drizzle)