Unique Rijuice Flavors at Central Market

IMG_4320Central Market hustles and bustles in a unique way during the wintertime. Our eyes dart and shift hurriedly across the attractive local produce and freshly baked bread while half bumping into one another; apologies are unnecessary, because we’re all there for the same reason.

There’s a certain excitement that comes with a market experience. We all have our weekly list in mind, but most of us go to market to find a little something different, too.

Rijuice consistently works towards a more culinary take on their product.”Our goal has always been making juice combinations that no one in the world is even trying,” Cullen Farrell of Rijuice says. “Everything we make is inherently healthy, but in this instance it’s more about juicing for flavor.”

Through Rijuice, Lancasterians are introduced to lesser known organic fruit and vegetable varietals. Recently, they introduced a long forgotten heirloom African watermelon, called Makataan, into a special juice for Central Market. The Makataan was pressed with a glowing combination of Oyler’s organic golden delicious apples, orange, kumquat, mango, lemon, and a touch of cilantro. Zing!

Rijuice also works with local plant breeder, Alex Wenger, of Field’s Edge Research Farm. They have featured local trifoliate oranges (which can tolerate frost and snow) and mizuna, a Japanese mustard green, inside their healthy and healing juices.

12466320_904462639660593_496681427528431920_oIf you want to connect more deeply with unique flavors and food in general, visit Rijuice at Central Market. You can even sample their flavors, too.

“(Bio)Diversity is the key to everything,” Cullen says. “Exploring and keeping things fresh and different always leads to something greater and beyond the imagination.”

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