Tiki Drinks at the Waterfront

The Waterfront’s menu draws from seasonally fresh ingredients, many of which are handpicked from Snake River Farm and other local providers. Even their craft cocktails are fresh and carefully prepared, using organic ingredients such as botanical oils. If you’re a fan of the 1950s and all things “tiki,” make sure you order a unique Trader Vic’s-inspired drink served in a funky tiki glass!

Taysted got to try The Waterfront’s own version of The Zombie (also called The Skull Puncher), called “The Walker.” The traditional Zombie is made of fruit juices, liquers, and various rums. The Waterfront makes their Walker with the following ingredients:


Bicardi Silver Rum + Triple Sec + Myer’s Dark Rum
Organic, cold pressed lemon + lime + apricot + orange juices
Orgeat + wildberry puree

When going over the ingredients list, I asked the bartender what Orgeat was. Orgeat is an almond-flavored cordial syrup with either rose water or orange flower notes.

The Waterfront’s “The Walker” was delicious, although it didn’t make me feel like a zombie. Because of the cold pressed, organic juices, the cocktail made me feel refreshed and fuzzy inside.