The Best Sandwiches You’ve Never Tasted!

Commonwealth on Queen has coffee, teas, bagels, homemade sweets & treats—everything you’d expect to find at a cafe. But what is it that has people talking? It’s the sandwiches, man!

If you haven’t already heard, you probably will soon. The sandwiches gracing the plates at Commonwealth are quickly making a name for themselves. There’s the habit-forming Barn Burner, a spicy grilled breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, tomato, cheddar, and a signature spicy sauce. Then there’s the FoJo, a slow roasted pulled pork sandwich that would be at home on the menu of just about any Southern BBQ. The latest addition to join the ranks is the Big ole Breakfast Sandwich, which is best described as everything you want for breakfast…on a bun. This new breakfast behemoth changes from time to time to accommodate using the freshest ingredients. The current rendition includes egg, bacon, roasted red peppers, avocado, cheddar cheese. and a tangy aioli all piled on a fresh brioche bun.

Where do all the signature creations come from? Well, the man behind the sandwiches (literally!) is Kevin, who is Commonwealth’s resident sandwich guru, and whose passion is putting “unique twists on familiar flavors.” Looks like he’s onto something, because these might just be the best sandwiches you’ve never tasted!

Commonwealth on Queen
301 North Queen Street, Lancaster
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