The Waterfront Restaurant: Cozy and Comfortable

photo 4The Waterfront’s menu, designed by Bob Sidleck and sous chef Shannon McSherry, draws from seasonally fresh ingredients, many of which are handpicked from Snake River Farm. Even their craft cocktails are fresh and carefully prepared, using organic ingredients such as botanical oils. If you’re a fan of the 1950s and all things “tiki,” make sure you order a unique Trader Vic’s-inspired drink served in a funky tiki glass!

There are plenty of areas inside the restaurant to cozy up. There is even a comfortable seating area with a coffee table, leather recliners, and a sofa. The exposed brick walls and rustic wooden beams will make you feel like you’re inside a winter getaway.

The Waterfront is known for their impeccable service, unique food, and creative drinks. Just a short drive away from the city, The Waterfront is the perfect getaway this winter.

The Waterfront
680 Millcross Road, Lancaster PA
(717) 390-8777
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