The Ouzo Effect

Ouzo-drink-smallYorgo’s bar manager Shaun Hardesty pours us a shot of Katsaro’s Ouzo in a glass. Ouzo is a popular anise-flavored aperitif served in Greece. Shaun then takes two small spoonfuls of water, and adds them to the spicy smelling liquor. What happens next made our jaws drop.

The liquor becomes cloudy as water mixes with it. This is called “The Ouzo Effect.” When the ouzo is being distilled, the added flavoring creates a micro-emulsion. Adding the water cuts down the evaporation of ethanol, and brings out the natural smells and phenols of the ouzo.

Contrary to what you may initially believe, the water doesn’t weaken the taste. In fact, it only enhances it. If you like black licorice and anise, I would definitely recommend ordering the flaming cheese sakanaki served with pita wedges, and a glass of ouzo over ice. Mmmm…

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