Bringing the Joy of Summer into Winter

TasteOfSummerInWinter_CrackersSummer gatherings. Why do they feel so good? Why do we miss them so badly during the winter?

I’m a total bummer, especially when it comes to snowfall. I feel like snow ruins all plans, and ruins all fun. Wow, I really am a Scrooge! I just really miss summer, fresh vegetables, and eating outside with friends as the sun sets.

That’s why I have set out to find some fun recipes which possess a joy and pizzazz similar to summer foods, but can be enjoyed in the colder months.

Summertime means fresh vegetables, salads, cold fruit, and grilling.

If you enjoy root vegetables and salty, tangy feta, try The Curvy Carrot’s Warm Winter Vegetable Salad. Touches of gold, yellow, and crimson red  will help you eat with your eyes first.

To remedy your winter blues, try My Recipes’s Chicken and Chorizo Stew. This filling stew will remind you of summery grilling days, leaving you feeling warm with spicy chorizo. There’s a little tang with sherry vinegar, too. Mmmm…

Nothing screams summer like a burger. Recipe Runner’s Bacon Burgers with Bourbon Carmelized Onions and Honey Goat Cheese will keep you feeling satisfied. They are jam-packed with crispy bacon, thyme, and a mixture of brown sugar and bourbon. Oh, bourbon. We love you, too.

TasteOfSummerInWinter_ForkSummer is far away, but I hope the joy you find in these recipes will keep you warm all winter long.