The Herb Garden at TE

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

There simply is nothing quite like getting your hands in the dirt. Raising a plant from a seed to beautiful produce is one of the most incredible processes we can witness as foodies. Making an entire meal using tomatoes, lettuce, beets, radishes, cucumbers, squash, beans, and herbs from your very own garden which you raised with your own two hands is invaluable.

At TE, the refined Italian restaurant found within The Inn at Leola Village, literally pulls produce and herbs from their two-acre Herb Garden, found directly on site.

The herb garden is tended by an all Amish staff who are employed at The Inn. As the Amish farming skills go back several generations, there truly isn’t more skilled type of employee to exist. Each and every day, the Amish staff members tend the garden, making sure it is as lush and healthy as possible. The chefs of TE tend the garden each morning as well, clipping and harvesting its plentiful goodies to be used in the TE kitchen.

The garden features everything you can imagine, from peppers, to eggplants, to zucchini, and strawberries, lettuces, and herbs. They even compost everything unused from the kitchen and use the compost to grow the next life of plants.

The garden has existed for ten years but has greatly expanded to two full acres from end to end. There is a stream which runs through it, bees to pollinate the blossoms, and they even put tadpoles into the stream to naturally get rid of pests. They do not use a single drop of pesticides to care for the garden, only water.

As guests of The Inn or guests at an outdoor wedding, you have the opportunity to walk a red cobblestone path. The path travels back through the garden, and comes to a point where you can view the large windows at the prep station. You’ll see the produce being worked with as you’re walking through the live produce itself, and it all comes full circle.

Book a lovely staycation getaway right in your own town! Or consider The Inn at Leola Village for your wedding or next special occasion, and take a walk through the gorgeous herb garden.

Inn at Leola Village
38 Deborah Drive
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 556-8715