Taysted Travel: 115 Poptarts

I handled them like newborn babies. Delicately placing them in the back of the car, I layered gallon Ziploc bags of a total of 115 Poptarts… handmade.


When my friends Nikki and Zach got engaged, they came to me asking if I could make handmade Poptarts for their wedding: pumpkin with apple butter, and salted caramel apple flavored. I, of course, said yes! However, their wedding was three hours away in Culpeper, Virginia. This meant that not only would I have to make 115 perfect little pastries, I also had to safely deliver them to a venue three hours away.

I was scared! So very scared! I had to plan my Poptart making schedule accordingly and also make sure we were on time for the festivities!

The result was wonderful. I layered the poptarts on various plates and cake stands and guests took their pick. Everyone was very pleased. One guest even dropped hers accidentally and still ate it. “This can’t go to waste!” she exclaimed.


Though I was shaking and my heart was thudding out of my chest, worried that something would go terribly wrong, it all turned out perfectly. And for that, I am thankful!