Bakery at the Cupboard:
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

bakery strawberry rhubarbI have literally been seeing rhubarb everything lately. I also have been baking rhubarb everything lately. My mom called me a couple weeks ago and told me the garden at her job has piles and piles of rhubarb, so much they have started giving it away.

Guess who has five massive ziplock bags of chopped rhubarb in her freezer? This guy.

The type of rhubarb you’re seeing a lot of lately is called Maincrop Rhubarb. The flavor of maincrop rhubarb is more intense and its texture is much more robust than the wimpy stuff that is forced to spring up in January and February.

There is truly nothing better than a tart, juicy, and sweet Strawberry Rhurbarb Pie. Bakery at the Cupboard has probably one of the most popular versions of this pie at their location! Call in to have one made just for you!

Bakery at the Cupboard
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