Two More for Good Luck

From the Pages of Taysted Issue #01

From the Pages of Taysted Issue #01

It was a pilgrimage to Greece that successfully brought octopus back to the menu at the Stockyard. In the past there have been attempts to add the Greek staple to the menu; they have been met with results that have prevented the dish from a successful launch.

Fortunately, during a trip back to their native land, Jimmy Fournos was given (by his cousin) the secret to the Greek preparation of the dish, “forty nine whacks.” That is to say, tenderizing the meat with forty nine strikes of the tenderizing hammer. It is then prepared with Mediterranean flair with garlic, sherry wine, capers and sliced calamata olives.

Rich and delicate and served with toasted pita points and tzatsiki sauce for the added brightness, this dish is now a welcome addition to the regular menu. One twist Jimmy has added to the dish was a simple one; two additional strikes of the hammer. You know, “just for good luck.”

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