Spicy Tan-Tan Ramen at Issei Noodle

A couple of chili peppers next to a menu item never scared me off! I had so many friends recommending to me the Spicy Tan-Tan Ramen at Issei Noodle Lancaster, I knew I had to finally try it.

Their #8 menu item is described as “Japanese ramen noodles in a smooth and refined sesame base pork broth with peanut oil and Iseei’s signature spicy “Tan-Tan” ground pork, and bok choy, garnished with bamboo and green onions”

And, for just $10, it’s a steal!

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a little fire in my mouth as much as I enjoyed this dish. The broth, which is made of pork broth and tahini, is earthy and naturally creamy. There is actually no dairy in the broth. The bok choy is cooked to perfection: wilted from the savory heat, but still with a little snap to it when you bite in.

And then there’s the tan-tan. Dare I say it? “I can’t.”

This will become my fall staple. I don’t know that I’ll ever allow myself to go without ordering it! And it’s the perfect soup to share between a few people. All of Issei’s portions are filling, which is something we can all appreciate!

Stop in tonight. They also deliver! And they’re BYOB!

Issei Noodle
44 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA
(717) 449-6800 • WebsiteFacebook