Far from Ordinary

For John Peris, falling in love with the charming feel of Lititz, combined with with his interest in unique foods, led him to opening his own store. The Savory Gourmet opened in February of 2008, specializing in exotic meats and world class cheeses.

As a customer, you can sample any of the cheese before purchasing. Some customers even ask for assistance in customizing their wine and cheese parties. “We’ve had people bring in a bottle of what they’re drinking that night and ask us to help them pick out meats and cheeses to go along with it.” Whether you’re drinking an IPA or a chardonnay, The Savory Gourmet will have the perfect suggestion to please you and your guests.

The specialty meats are what keep people coming back. Examples of what they carry are: alligator, antelope, bison, buffalo, camel, elk, goat, kangaroo, kobe beef, lamb, llama, ostrich, rabbit, wild boar, yak, and venison. They offer meats in the form of patties, tenderloins, steaks, bacon, medallions, sausage, brats, hot dogs, and more. The shop has handouts with instructions on how to cook the meats, so you will know exactly how to prepare what you’ve chosen when you return home.

In addition to selling specialty olives, jams, mustards, barbecue, and hot sauces, the shop also holds cheese and wine/beer tastings the second Friday of every month. You can also enjoy their onsite cooking demonstrations to sample their fabulous items. So, if you’re looking to impress some guests this weekend with coconut cheese or an antelope burger, stop into The Savory Gourmet and ask all the questions you need to!

The Savory Gourmet
53 North Broad Street, Lititz PA