Our House Cafe: Roasted Seasonal Vegetables Over Quinoa

Wow, talk about tasty! Taysted is really excited about the newest special at Our House Cafe (608 Richmond Drive). Roasted seasonal vegetables are piled high overtop of quinoa, alongside a little grilled pita wedge. Bursting with tons of flavor, this dish would be perfect as a lunch on-the-go, or as a dinnertime meal to sit down and enjoy at the cafe.

“At the cafe, we love to introduce our customers to seasonal vegetables, with fresh herbs and spice blends created by Chef Jennifer Thompson,” say owners, Harvey and Sarah Weinstein. Currently, the cafe is using a lot of root vegetables such as leeks, squash, radishes, romanesca, and carrots.

The most exciting aspect of this dish is the use of different vegetables in a creative manner. You may even taste some vegetables you haven’t tried ever before.

“I like to finish the dish off with a little crunch, so I splash-fry okra or chickpeas,” says Chef Jenn.

Head over to Our House Cafe to see what else they have in store.

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