Reflections Restaurant: Grilled Swordfish

A visit to Reflections Restaurant is worth the short drive outside of Lancaster City. The building itself holds some incredible history. In its existence since 1775, it has served several purposes. At separate times, the building has served as a jail, a courthouse, a church, and even a cattle distribution center.

I sat down at a table in the front dining room with floor-to-ceiling storm windows and enjoyed a delicious and colorful meal! The executive chef, Kerek Shoff, served me his Grilled Swordfish. The large portion of swordfish is served over a bed of asparagus and parmesan barley risotto, nestled on top of a homemade roasted red pepper sauce. If someone else had been served this dish during my dining experience, I would have been that person who asks their server, “What are they having? I would like to order that.”

The colors used in the dish itself are gorgeous. The lovely, rusty red sauce on the bottom of the bowl is made from roasted fresh peppers which they then peel, chop, and sauté with vegetables and spices. The mixture is then simmered and pureed, creating a velvety smooth, flavorful addition to each bite.

On top of this sauce was something I’d never tasted before: barley risotto. Chef Shoff made it a goal to experiment with barley. To begin, the cook toasts the barley (as is traditional when preparing risotto). “Once I smell the nutty aroma, I add white wine and chicken stock, and slowly cook it until it’s al dente.” The end result is a creamy, filling texture with a satisfying snap of asparagus and the earthy flavor of parmesan cheese.

Finally, the star of the show: the swordfish. Let me just tell you this. I had to stop, close my eyes, and savor the moment when I tasted the dish in its entirety. I literally was scraping the bowl with my spoon to cherish every last bite! The fish was tender, flaky, and flavorful. But here’s the kicker. There’s so much flavor in the rest of the dish, that the only seasoning Chef Shoff uses on the swordfish is salt and pepper! He wanted to keep it simple so you could taste the fish, in turn complementing the rest of the flavors.

I implore you to visit Reflections and order this brand new dish. In fact, the first night it was on the menu, it was the restaurant’s best seller! It is filling, delicious, fresh, and flavorful… and downright remarkable.

Visit Reflections at 1390 East Oregon Road in Leola, Pennsylvania.
Reservations are suggested, and can be made by calling (717) 656-3717. Make your holiday reservations today!