Pizza Party at The Pressroom

For our most recent “Dinner with the Breakfast Club” outing, Dennis, Bryan and I were able to leave the confines of the 101 The Rose studios to dine at The Pressroom Restaurant in Lancaster. Having been to The Pressroom before, I knew what to expect … or so I thought.

When it was time to be seated, we were escorted past all of the restaurant’s main tables and into the kitchen, where there was a table setting arranged next to Chef Matt Titter. Chef Matt surprised us with this front row seat, along with the news that the three of us would be helping to cook our meal. I was going to make the “Bat Out of Hell” pizza, appropriately titled after the Meatloaf album of the same name, as it was a meatloaf pizza.

Pizza Chef Doug gave me a quick tutorial on how to toss the dough, but then left me to my own devices. I spread the sauce, remembered that Dennis doesn’t like onions and left them off half the pizza, added other ingredients, including the aforementioned meatloaf, and topped it with tomato chutney. We popped the whole thing in the stone oven and, a few minutes later, it was ready.

I took it back to the table and everyone loved it! Dennis was especially touched that I had remembered he doesn’t like onions. We had such a fun night! It wasn’t just a meal at The Pressroom; Chef Matt gave us an experience.

The Pressroom Restaurant
26-28 West King Street • Lancaster PA
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