The Pressroom Park Bar Opens in Steinman Park

A two-year dream of The Pressroom Restaurant chef, general manager, and bar manager has finally come to fruition. Matt Titter, Rob Commero, and Tony Moyer have created an outdoor bar in Steinman Park which will be open to the public on First Friday, June 5—and it is glorious.

Their lease was expanded to gain ownership of the space which is being used as the bar itself, as well as a cooler and storage—all toward the back left of the park (close to the waterfall). The concept was put into Joe Donaldson’s hands who helped renovate the space by physically cutting into the wall of the Kirk Johnson building.

The storage room behind the bar used to hold three diesel generators which were used as backup power for the Lancaster Newspaper. As the newspaper itself was modernized, the space was renovated and the generators were removed. The cooler in the storage room will house an eight-tap system, including one nitrous tap. The bar space includes reclaimed lights from the Kirk Johnson building and steel shelving for the various liquors utilized in warm-weather drinks.

Perhaps one of the most enticing aspects of this outdoor bar is the state-of-the-art digitalized Hamilton Beach blender. Frozen concoctions will include Dark n’ Slushies (rum and ginger), Arctic Greyhounds (gin and grapefruit), and Frozen Water-lemons (citrus vodka, watermelon, and lemon). Outdoor service will become more efficient with handheld “Orderman” devices. The service staff will ring in food and beverages without having to run back inside to a restaurant computer system.

The bar itself was made from pouring a large slab of concrete and polishing it for three entire days—making it smooth and cool to the touch. Guests will sit in tall, comfortable stools with seat backs. The bar updates the entire look of the park. Think industrial, fresh, open, simple, and classy.

Clair Brothers has created a stereo package for the park, but eventually the restaurant will host live outdoor music, serenading guests as they sip on tasty thirst-quenchers. Everything has been updated and renewed, from the tables, to the chairs, to the brick, and the updated landscaping. “This project has become an evolution of a really cool, public, historic space,” says general manager, Rob.

Visit the Park Bar in Steinman Park, opening Friday, June 5.