Perfect “Match”

— From the pages of Taysted Issue #02

A winning “match” from the Belvedere! In this case the word is a delicious homophone. It is first used to describe the fact that the drink and the dish are perfectly paired (the Gulf Shrimp Tacos are a sweet, slow burn with pineapple slaw and set off with a chipotle BBQ sauce) and second that the perfectly grilled shrimp has the taste of the fire still present and is wrapped, oh so cleverly, not in a tortilla, but in thinly sliced jicama. This smart twist adds a great crunch to the bite that catches you pleasantly off guard on the first bite.

The Juan Carlos cocktail is a refreshing mix of tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, triple sec, simple syrup, and muddled jalapeño. This is what I meant by the double meaning of “match.” This is a great match of a dish and a cocktail, quite frankly a perfect match. Additionally, the subtle heat of the dish is a great complement to the notable flame of the jalapeño in the cocktail. Order this pair and share it with the person you love. Talk about a hot date!

The Belvedere Inn Restaurant & Bar
402 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA