Pancake Perfection

I consider myself a connoisseur of pancakes (well, as much as one can be, based solely upon great consumption and enjoyment of my favorite breakfast food). So when I ordered a single chocolate chip pancake at Route 30 Diner (formerly Jennie’s Diner) and it arrived as big as one of their adorable 1950’s style bar stool seats, topped will melting butter and warm syrup, I was in food heaven.

The pancake was perfect—fluffy, and yet somehow still a bit chewy. They were not overly dense, so I didn’t leave the diner will that icky heavy stomach feeling a ton of carbohydrates can sometimes cause. The chocolate chips were melted just enough to retain their shape, a perfect little morsel of chocolate in each bite. I also tried a few bites of the classic, no topping pancake, and it was quite yummy, as well.

Along with my love of pancakes, my adoration of vintage precedes me. So, the Route 30 Diner’s 1950’s aesthetic was the perfect setting for my flapjack exploration. Though the diner has recently undergone an overhaul and update, the actual structure is still an original Silk City Diner, the fourth one made in Paterson, New Jersey in 1959. The red booths, turquoise and red (original!) blinds, and the jukebox that plays oldies every 15 minutes all come together with delicious, home-style diner food to create a true ‘blast from the past’ experience,’ complete with delectable pancakes.