My Favorite Drink: Matt Roda
and a Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule has made a grand resurgence into popular bar and restaurant culture in the past two years. The best part is that almost every bar has their own take on the spicy yet refreshing beverage.

The Moscow Mule is Matt Roda’s favorite cocktail. Matt is co-owner of RODA Marketing in Mountville. He and his brother have owned the business for six years, and they specialize in content and digital marketing nationwide. In addition to various platforms of social media marketing, they focus mostly on “conversion” — which is transforming a visitor into a customer upon viewing a company’s website. They want to help your business have the most positive impact possible on potential customers.

Taysted visited Federal Taphouse Lancaster for their version of the Moscow Mule, called Paint It, Black (named after the classic rock song by the Rolling Stones). They have a special twist on the classic drink, which is using Black Malibu Rum, Ginger Beer, and Fresh Lime. The cocktail is served in an ice cold and refreshing copper mug.

Matt was surprised and excited about the essence of coconut found in Federal Taphouse’s spin on the Moscow Mule. He envisioned sunshine and happiness as he sipped the drink down to the last drop!