Paella Cooking Class at COQ’s New Space

A fellow foodie friend of mine, Micaela, asked me to join her and “a bunch of sassy, middle-aged women” (her own words) for a cooking class at Commonwealth on Queen’s new space. We got a sneak peak at the beautiful new location located on Mulberry Street and we got to learn how to make a bunch of brand new recipes.

I was able to invite a guest, so I invited my friend and coworking fashion idol, Rose Luciano from The Candy Factory, to join me.

The instructor, Linda Bell, and her husband (who assists her during all cooking classes), were extremely friendly and informative during the entire class. We started out with marinated olives and marcona almonds and the split up into groups to successfully create an entire meal of Spanish tomato bruschetta with anchovies, white gazpacho, seafood paella, and Spanish almond orange cake.

Rose and I teamed up to make the Spanish almond orange cake. Rose doesn’t have a whole lot of experience in the kitchen, and I spend most of my free time in the kitchen at home. Our two different experience levels worked out great because we both learned from each other! Rose did an amazing job and caught on very quickly. Our cake was described as “perfect.” It really was perfect!


I think my favorite part about the entire cooking class was how organized it all was. Linda teaches cooking classes for a living and is extremely skilled at doing so. She and her husband were extremely informative and very patient with all of us. It was so fun to team up with other women to create food and encourage one another during the process. There is something so powerful about that type of experience.

If you are interested in taking a cooking class, go to The Culinary Classroom’s website: I promise you it’s well worth it.