Extraordinary Agricultural Eats: Our House Cafe

If you’ve ever even slightly wondered where your food comes from and how it was harvested or butchered, I implore you to take that idea in your head and explore it. Lancaster is a beautiful city, and those of us who take advantage of such bountiful produce and high-quality meats from its farmers should be applauded and praised. With Central Market, CSA shares, and other local markets, we should count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be so close in proximity to taking in what the earth yields for us.

What about those of us who care about the ingredients used in what we eat but also need an evening off from cooking, don’t feel like waiting for an egg to fry, or don’t feel like cleaning a million dishes after a home-cooked meal? Those individuals can turn to a new restaurant in town. Our House Cafe, located in Richmond Square (off of Fruitville Pike), takes great care in the ingredients they use throughout their extensive menu. And it doesn’t stop there. They cherish the importance of maintaining relationships with the ingredients’ providers and how those ingredients are procured.

New Yorkers Harvey and Sarah Weinstein opened their cafe and restaurant in Lancaster after losing their home in Hurricane Sandy years prior. I found this out after several visits with the couple, and it has not seemed to set them back or deter them from happiness and personal success. If anything, it has pushed them forward in a positive manner. They each exude generosity and thankfulness. I felt honored to sit down with the two of them to talk about how their business started and what kinds of preparations they do behind the scenes.

I am actually tempted to fill this article space by just listing off every piece of food I’ve eaten from Our House Cafe and how amazing it is. I have tasted about 15 different meals and sides, and all of them from a scale of 1 to 10 have reached a complete 10 without question. They make an egg and potato salad with organic sweet potatoes. They make coffee drinks with a choice of regular milk, soy, almond, or coconut milk. They cold press their own juice in house every single day. They serve hand rolled kettle-boiled New York bagels. They accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets and list meals on their menu for each of these. They list the farms and providers of their ingredients on a wall-to-ceiling black board which you can review upon arrival. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long. They give you choices. They give you options. They even cater!

So, try it. Make a trip, and try something from their menu. I guarantee that before you even leave the table, you will want to bring everyone you know into the cafe to experience it for themselves.

Our House Cafe
608 Richmond Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 617-7745