Oregon Dairy Coffee Milkshake

In the mood for something a little more exciting? How about a pick-me-up for when you’re looking to get down – an Adult Chocolate Coffee Milkshake!

With Valentine’s Day behind us and Easter right around the corner, I have one thing on my mind! Chocolate! And there’s an abundance of great local places to grab your fix. Personally, I’m a huge – and I mean HUGE fan of Oregon Dairy’s Chocolate Milk!

Oregon Dairy is a staple in Lancaster county! “In 1974, they built and operated a small dairy store from which they sold fresh milk, eggs and produce. A few years later the Hurst Family decided to build a new store which was completed in 1979. Since then, Oregon Dairy has undergone many changes” … With a supermarket, restaurant, gift shoppe and award-winning bakery – all on a real working Lancaster County PA farm, your smart to make a day of it! Don’t worry, they’ve made sure to stay true to their roots.

Now – time for some sweet treats. I feel it’s my responsibility to warn you, you’ll be around an open bottle of whiskey. Drink responsibly! 😉


4 ounces french pressed espresso

16 Ice Cubes w/ Oregon Dairy Chocolate Milk

2 Tablespoons Chocolate Syrup

1 Teaspoon Vanilla extract

2 ounces Baileys (optional)

2 ounces Jameson Whiskey

Whipped Cream + Chocolate (I suggest Dark Chocolate Wilbur Buds) to shave for serving



First things first – Freeze your Oregon Dairy Chocolate Milk. While this is freezing, make your french pressed espresso and place it in the fridge to chill.

Once these items are both prepared, gather all ingredients, place them in your blender and go!   Once you notice a smooth consistency, pour into glasses and garnish with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Enjoy!



Hits the spot. It was the perfect fix for when you need something sweet, but had a long day and could sure use a drink.