Belvedere Inn: New Starters on Menu

BelvFeb1BBQ Pork Sliders
These delicious little morsels are made with honey-smoked barbecue pulled pork and are topped with a tangy, earthy pineapple curry coleslaw. Piled on top of a buttery brioche roll, these are sure to hit the spot!

BelvFeb4Miso Glazed Cod Skewers
Get ready for a little bit of tropical in this chilly weather! Flaky grilled cod is dressed in a sesame vinaigrette (and Taysted loves black sesame seeds). Yummy housemade pineapple salsa adds a little kick, and is balanced out by the pile of greens beneath it.

BelvFeb2Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Finger food makes dinner way more fun than using a boring fork! You can put together your own lettuce wraps using all of the fresh ingredients on the plate: fried udon noodles, hydro bibb lettuce, nappa cabbage slaw, and a spicy peanut dipping sauce.

Belvedere Inn
402 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA
(717) 394-2422
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