The Holidays Uncelebrated:
National Ice Cream Day

TaystedScoopsIceCream04Upon entering Scoops Ice Cream & Grille, located in Mountville, and seeing their Wall of Fame for those who have successfully completed the Mountville Meltdown Challenge, Emily Truman and I immediately realized that we had not fully prepared ourselves for the amount of ice cream that we would soon (attempt to) consume.

The Challenge ahead of us: We had one hour to successfully eat 12 scoops of ice cream (whatever flavors we wanted…though more on that later), four toppings (one of which had to be a sauce), a generous heaping of whipped cream, and four maraschino cherries. Generally, the challenge has to be completed by one person in order to count, but we decided to do it together.

As you can probably guess…Emily and I did not complete the challenge. We started out strong, but soon, the weight of our ice cream-filled spoons was too much to bear and we slowed down considerably (as you can see in our time-lapse video!).

TaystedScoopsIceCream08We realized about 25 minutes into the challenge that we should have chosen just one flavor for all 12 scoops; instead, we had selected 12 unique flavors. Our wonderful tour guide for this adventure, a Scoops employee named Jules, tried to warn us, but alas! We had been drawn in by the petal pink of cotton candy and bright green of mint chocolate chip. A total rookie mistake.

We topped our ice cream with chocolate and marshmallow sauces, rainbow sprinkles, and M&Ms.

Though we were totally, completely, 100% unable to complete the Mountville Meltdown Challenge, we had so much fun with the team at Scoops Ice Cream & Grille! And, though I don’t know how soon I’ll be eating (or even looking at) ice cream again, the wide array of flavors and toppings were seriously delicious.


(In case competitive ice cream eating isn’t your thing—Scoops also offers up the Mount Everest Challenge, in which challengers have one hour to eat a three-pound hamburger, one-pound of French fries, and a 20-ounce milkshake.)


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