Movie Popcorn

— From the pages of Taysted #02 • Written by Penn Ketchum

We pop our popcorn in hot oil. Hot coconut oil to be exact. That’s why it tastes better here. Seriously. Movie theater popcorn is better than whatever you can make at home because of how it’s popped. People think it’s the butter you put on it but the key difference is the flavor that comes with popping corn in real hot oil. Any of the kids who work here can tell you it’s hot… we have all been bit once or twice by the hot oil when we don’t close that lid quick enough!

It’s been a long ride for popcorn and movies. Popcorn and movies have been together forever. Since Georges Méliès made his famous “Trip to the Moon” in 1902 there has been popcorn. In fact, popcorn came first. It was first introduced to Americans in the early 1800s so by the time movies came onto the scene we were already in love with the popped corn. As the popularity of movies grew, so did popcorn. In the early days popcorn vendors sold it outside of the theater. Eventually we theater owners brought it inside and that, as they say, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

My favorite part of popcorn is the smell. The smell of hot coconut oil popping those kernels at just the right time spilling the whole delicious mess into the warmer… people ask me if I get sick of smelling popcorn every day and I can honestly answer them “No.” I love going to the movies and I love the delicious smell of cooking corn that comes with it. Every day.

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