Mix Master

For my next trick, I will attempt to make a bad day disappear. Ah, bad days—we all have them. A friend of mine was having a particularly craptastic one, so in effort to melt away her troubles, I visited her with my carefully concocted mixture of what I now call the Orange McDreamy—a few parts of vodka topped off with a Grey’s Anatomy reference and that no-good, awful, bad day dissipated into a heavenly mist of soothing euphoria.

Like my last recipe, this one was also thrown lovingly together with items already found in the depths of the antique writing desk—which serves as my secret liquor cabinet. Since the evening of that horrid day called for more than one cocktail, this drink was made in a pitcher. The recipe below is measured out as such.

Have it all to yourself in a time of need, or share with friends and say goodbye to all of your troubles!

Orange McDreamy
(Makes roughly 12 drinks)

1. Mix in a pitcher the following: 2 shots of Whipped Vodka, 2 shots of Blood Orange Vodka, 6 shots of regular Vodka, 6 cups of Orange Juice (I recommend Simply Orange brand—it’s simply the best), 2 cups of Apple Juice

2. Pour into a glass with ice until 3/4 of the way full

3. Top with Club Soda