By Any Other Name

— From the pages of Taysted Issue #02

The name Mean Cup is at once apt and a misnomer. It is apt in that this crew, at both locations, does indeed serve a mean cup of coffee. Hot, iced, latte, or espresso, heck even the tea is a well-thought and perfectly brewed choice. The name they have chosen is a misnomer in that there is simply not a mean bone in the body of any of the people preparing and handling you or your daily beverage choice. In fact they are downright nice—fun and funny, always happy to see you and ready with the perfect suggestion for those who have not yet made a lifetime commitment to the same cup every day.

The Mean Cup crew is frankly very pleasant to be around… unless you are looking for some sass with your brew. If you bring some good-natured attitude to the counter you can count on getting a dose of it right back. All with a wink, a smile, and the knowledge that you are always welcomed and valued at the counter of Mean Cup. Whether you want your coffee with milk or just a splash of attitude.

Mean Cup at Champion Forge
398 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster PA

Mean Cup at Central Market
23 North Market Street, Lancaster PA