The Brews of Liquid Hero

“It’s like a light of a new day, It hit me from out of the blue. Breaking me out of the spell I was in, making all of my wishes come true.”

“Believe it or Not” lyrics by Stephen Geyer
(Theme from ‘The Greatest American Hero’)

(( OR that feeling you get when you first try a really good beer ))

A fine thing in brewing is happening across the river in York. A trio of avid homebrewers opened Liquid Hero at 50 East North Street, right beside the York Revolution ballpark.

The flagship brew at Liquid Hero is called American Hero (5.6% ABV). Is it the “Greatest American Hero?” I couldn’t tell you, because it was not available when I visited. This will all be remedied soon because brewery expansion is underway.

Co-owner Matt DePrato calls the Schweet Ale (5.2% ABV) a “gateway beer.” This strawberry wheat sure is sweet and packed full of serious strawberry flavor. I think if you could make a black and tan with this and Spring House’s Lil’ Gruesome (peanut butter and jelly stout) it might be the most amusing beer ever. Pack me this PB&J and I’ll be a happy worker every day!

Adam’s Stout (4.8% ABV) is a throwback to the days when homebrewers Matt DePrato, Christian Quinlivan, and Josh Hoke (who now own Liquid Hero) were approached by another homebrewing buddy, Adam Smith, for help with a stout recipe. The brew was affectionately referred to as Adam’s stout by the beginners; the name stuck and the beer is now a staple at Liquid Hero.

The It’s-Not-a-Typo award goes to “Freigt Hose” (as it was intentionally misspelled the day I visited for the reason of just being funny).  Freight House (5.4% ABV) is a classic porter with a functional acidity, which leaves a nice flavor in the mouth. “It’s a straight forward porter. You should get a lot more chocolate malt taste out of this beer than our stout,” says Christian. “The stout has more of a toasted flavor.”

Back to anger the writers and teachers—just like the Freigt Hose—is Irregardless (6.2% ABV).  Yes, they know it is not a word, but the guys at Liquid Hero just want to have fun. This IPA is maltier than standard varieties and I kind of like it that way. It’s a keeper. “The name is a great conversation starter,” says Christian. “People come in and get mad, or they try and explain it’s not a word. We know. It’s just for fun.”

Other Liquid Hero brews include: HeroWeizen (5.8% ABV), this award winner is described as having a subtle banana and clove taste; Red Horn Ale (5.2% ABV) is described as a full-bodied Irish red with a big grain impact; Hop Hero (6.0%) is the brewers plaything—visitors can expect many a variant of this brew. The autumn offering is the namesake of the master brewer, Josh Hoke. Hokefest (6.2%) is a sweet pumpkin beer with a spiced finish.

Liquid Hero
50 E North Street
York, PA 17401