In a Pickle

One Saturday—while out for some charcuterie, of course—we happened upon this lively jar of pickled carrots. As I am a fan of pickling just about anything, I thought I’d give them a try. As it turns out, this was a wise choice, as these little spears (while we will give a little wiggle room for exaggeration) are well and truly named. They were excellent!

A surprise when opening the jar: some sliced jalapenos that gave the carrots some extra kick to go with their briny goodness. The carrots retained some crunch, which is crucial for good pickling, and offered a great bite.

I opened the jar to accompany a Wednesday evening dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and they were the perfect foil for the creamy soup and rich cheesy, buttery sandwiches. A nice acid was needed to cut the “indulgence” of the soup and sandwich, and these little orange beauties did the trick perfectly.

A little bit of quick research found that they were made in York! Score one for the White Rose City!

I’ll be heading across the river very soon to see what other vegetables get the “Epic” treatment!