Homemade Old Fashioned Donuts

There have been some super cool freshly made donut shops popping up in the Lancaster area in the past several years. There’s something about a donut being served hot with your choice of glaze and toppings that really makes my heart sing.

I follow Tasty on Facebook, and for this past National Donut Day, they kept posting homemade donut recipes. I seriously was unable to peel myself away, and finally caved in. I had all the ingredients in my cabinets, so why not try? I got the recipe for Homemade Old Fashioned Donuts off of Tasty (see embedded comments below for the recipe), and just went for it.

I ran out of vanilla extract, so I substituted raspberry extract instead. I think my favorite part was dropping them in the hot oil and watching them puff up as they sizzled into a golden brown color.