Gracie’s on West Main:
Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake

GraciesGrapefruitOliveOilCake-02“This is the best damn buttercream I have ever tasted,” I exclaimed a little too loudly to my friend, Brooke, sitting across from me.

My friend Brooke and I try to get together as often as possible, but we were long overdue for a dinner date together. She lives in Leola,  and I live in downtown Lancaster, so we thought the best meet-up location would be somewhere in New Holland. We are both huge fans of Gracie’s on West Main, so we decided to head there for an indulgent dinner and maybe some dessert!

After hardcore noshing on some amazing savory food, our delightful waitress (Cassie) told us about their monthly dessert for July. I was having a hard time deciding on description alone, so I headed over to the dessert case. And that’s when I saw it. Gorgeous swirls of dark orange, meandering into peach and yellow colored roses.

GraciesGrapefruitOliveOilCake-03The swirls were made of…
Okay. Pause. (Record screech.) Are you sitting down?

The swirls were made of white. Chocolate. Buttercream. Yeah. Yeah!

And in between the yummy layers of moist cake was a sweet, sour, and bitter grapefruit curd. What a balance of unique flavors! Head in now today. These dessert specials will only last until the end of July.

Gracie’s on West Main
264 W Main St, Leola, PA 17540
(717) 826-4314