Grand Reopening: Molly’s Pub

Clear your calendars for the beginning of fall. Jason Brandt and Phillip Miller, who have partnered together, will be debuting the grand reopening of Molly’s Pub. These gentlemen, along with their crew, have been working extra hard to clean and refurbish the restaurant and bar, located at 253 East Chestnut Street. You may have met the owners at the Shippen Street block party or Musser’s Fourth of July party.

Mollys Pub   Shippen  and  Chestnut  Lanc

Mollys Pub Shippen and Chestnut Lanc

“Our goal for Molly’s,” Phillip tells FLL, “is to be the corner pub that the entire neighborhood enjoys.” Jason and Phillip plan to keep the Irish pub theme, but with a twist. They will have traditional scratch made Irish and American food, including steak, seafood, and homemade pasta (yes, you read that correctly—homemade pasta).

The upstairs patio will be utilized much more, as it will become a high-end whiskey bar—that means whiskey flights, scotch flights, and even wine dinners—as well as a smoking lounge where cigars will be sold.

Even the building next door will be utilized. Jason and Phillip purchased it with plans to create a banquet room and kitchen. And, no, they haven’t forgotten about the beloved carryout shop. However, this time they’re bringing in a larger variety of microbrews, higher end craft beers, and even the option to create your own six-pack. (Growlers are returning, too!)

“We want to be what the neighborhood wants,” Phillip says. The new Molly’s will focus on the delicious food they serve and a great selection of delicious, higher-end beverages included in their menu.

Keep your ears open for the Grand Opening date announcement!

Molly’s Pub
253 East Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA, 17602