Meet the Gonzo Burger

TaystedBurgerFeatureDec5AnimThanksgiving has come and gone and even that mountain of leftovers you thought that you would never be able to finish is gone. Don’t fret too much though because another holiday is quickly descending upon us, and that means one thing: even more delicious food. However, if you can’t wait that long, go to The Pressroom and sink your teeth into a veritable feast in the shape of a meaty patty.

This banquet in burger form is called The Gonzo burger and it is truly a spectacle to behold. It may not be a flashy plate of aged chuck, short rib, brisket, and pork belly piled dramatically upon one another, but all of those delicious meats are blended together to create the Turducken of burgers.

Many conventional burgers are only flavored by their condiments, but the Gonzo’s combination of carnivorous delicacies is a magically salty synthesis, creating bite after flavorful bite.

Every feast needs the perfect side dish and The Pressroom’s onion rings do not disappoint. Their crunchy fried coating is incredibly crisp, kind of like a far superior version of the topping on that green bean casserole that can be found at every holiday table (but without those pesky green beans).

With the cheerful addition of wreaths, garlands, and twinkling lights that now decorate the restaurant’s dining room, you’re just an order away from a perfect early festive supper.

The Pressroom Restaurant
26-28 West King Street • Lancaster PA
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