Gone “Fishin”

With the Dogfish Brewpub only a half mile from our family beach house – these beers hold a very personal connection with me.  My wife and I held our wedding rehearsal dinner there some moons ago, back when the Dogfish crew was still brewing on site.  For me, Dogfish brews are a perfect storm of history, science, and experimentation backed by the coconuts of doing something in a way that hasn’t been done before.  As easy as it is to drink these tasty beverages, it is more fun for me as a cook to pair food with the deep and complex flavors the brews have to offer.  Whether it is focusing on a singular spice note or flavor profile, or exploiting a sweet versus spicy or salty – it adds an element of adventure and satisfaction when we collaborate with these beers in the kitchen.

Executive Chef Matt Titter
Pressroom Restaurant
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