Gibraltar Cocktail: To Ouzo With Love

Gibraltar hosted a Hospitality and Media Preview event at their brand new location, 488 Royer Drive in Lancaster. At the event, guests within the hospitality and media realms of work were invited to enjoy delicious appetizers and libations, with a unique opportunity to socialize and network with one another.

Steven Jennings, the assistant manager of Gibraltar, has carefully curated a fabulous new cocktail list. With a background in cold-pressing organic juices, Steven has truly crafted a beautiful array of options. He draws from unique flavor profiles and pairings, and guests will have the opportunity to experience flavor combinations they have never before tasted.

Taysted got the chance to sip on one of the most interesting cocktails we have ever experienced.


To Ouzo With Love is made with Metaxa Ouzo, housemade Beet Peppercorn Shrub, Turbinado, and Pressed Lemon. Steven explained to us that the anise/black licorice flavor provided by Greek Ouzo has a similar flavor profile to the herbal flavor of tarragon. And since Steven is an expert on flavor pairings, he knew that tarragon pairs beautiful with beets and peppercorns, hence the flavor choice of the shrub.

You taste with your eyes first. The beautiful, saturated magenta color of the drink alone was enchanting! We would have never believed that pairing anise and beet flavors would work so well in a drink, but it was amazing.

It was, by far, the most divine way to end our summer evening.