Mad Scientist: Garden Delight Infusion

Infusing alcohol has become all the rage. Blogs, recipes, and kits are scattered over the Internet making infusions a simple way to play “Mad Scientist” at home. I am not much of a cook myself so experimenting with different flavors to throw into my liquor allows me to have fun with fruits, herbs, and spices without a huge commitment in the kitchen.

With school letting out in less than a week, I was anticipating the summer vacation and itching for a girl’s night to ring in the hot temperatures and long days. A night on my patio was scheduled with a few close friends to unwind by the fire and admire the plants bursting through the ground in my garden. I spent the day cleaning in preparation, and while doing so I focused my attention on what beverage I could serve to the ladies. I wanted to make something that tasted like summer but didn’t want to be in the kitchen all evening mixing each drink to order. That’s when I thought of the water in my fridge that I typically infuse with lemon and ginger for a delicious, refreshing beverage. Why not try the same idea with the orange vodka from the liquor cabinet?

I found a canning jar that would be perfect for my infusion experiment and headed out to the yard to pick some mint. Then I remembered the grapefruit in the fridge from an attempted diet last week that would surely go to waste and placed it in the jar with the mint. The concoction was topped off with orange vodka, sealed up, and placed in the fridge.

After a few anxious hours I poured a shot or so into a glass and topped it with gingerale. Wow! The cocktail was light, refreshing, and screamed “summertime patio party.” It was a huge hit with my guests who went through the contents of the jar fairly quickly.

Garden Delight

  • 4 stems of fresh mint – pull the leaves off and throw them into a canning jar
  • 1 whole grapefruit – cut into slices and squeeze the juice into the jar, then place the slice in the jar as well
  • Top with orange vodka – I used New Amsterdam Orange Vodka but any brand of your choice will work.
  • Seal jar and place in refrigerator. Leave the infusion sit for 3-4 hours or longer for a stronger flavor.
  • Pour over ice and top with gingerale.