Lancaster Preservation Society Food Swap

The Lancaster Preservation Society, lead by Marisa Rosemellia, is a group centered around the joy of canning and preserving foods. The most exciting aspect of being a member is the food swaps.

What is a food swap, exactly?

I went to my first food swap with LPS a few months ago. Basically, you are asked to bring six to eight preserved food items (anything from vinegars, to preserves, to pickles, relishes). You’re encourage to make labels with your name, the type of food, and a list of ingredients. Once you display your items on the provided tables, it’s time for the swap!

The swap works by a number system, where each member picks a random number, moving forwards and backwards to ensure fairness for the picking process. You end up leaving with the same amount of items you came with, but all different types of recipes!

The upcoming food swap is on Wednesday, November 18 at 7 p.m., located at TellUs360. The first hour is devoted to browsing/tasting. The second hour is when the swap begins.

Learn more about the Lancaster Preservation Society at their website and on Facebook.