The Aftermath: Lancaster Preservation Society Food Swap

LPS1I was so excited to attend the last food swap of 2015 hosted by the Lancaster Preservation Society. I hauled my box of six canned items to the second floor of TellUs360 where seven other people were huddled over a long, wooden coffee table, arranging their canned items and getting samples ready.

The first hour of the swap was spent nerding out about canning and preserving and tasting everyone’s delicious treasures. It was so fun to talk to other locals about their own personal canning processes and recipes. When the second hour hit, we all grabbed cute little flags (made by host, Marisa Rosemellia) and chose our desired canned goods in order.

LPS2I went to the swap with the following: two jars of pickled carrots, two jars of sweet and savory tomato jam, one jar of canned organic peche tomatoes, and one jar of pickled radishes.

I left the swap with the following (!!!): one jar of red raspberry/lime/rose syrup for cocktails, ginger/pear bellini puree, ozark walnut and apple conserve, spicy salsa, ginger/cinnamon/maple apples, and dilly beans.


The next LPS swap will hopefully be in March of 2016. A lot of the participants were talking about what they would be canning over the winter. Broth, jams, jellies…. I can’t wait!