Food Fight: Junk Food

Some of us would sacri-fries our steadfast diets for a little taste of some junk food. At Fine Living Lancaster, we don’t see anything wrong with a little indulgence. Some of our favorite chefs take matters into their own hands, turning this issue’s secret ingredient, junk food, into something so tempting even the strongest dieter can’t resist a little taste.



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Head Chef Faith Shirk plates up a gorgeous seared tuna dish for this issue’s Food Fight. Faith has coated the delicate fish in her contribution to our secret ingredient: wasabi popcorn. The wasabi popcorn is crushed buttery, crunchy popcorn mixed with spicy wasabi powder and a touch of honey to make it adhere to the tuna. Served on the side are housemade chips, but made healthier by using freshly sliced vegetables such as beets, kale, radishes, and celery root. The plate is decorated with a drizzle of Reflections’ signature cucumber wasabi and sweet chili sauces.



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Co-owner and Chef of Gypsy Kitchen Ed Diller creates a special layered lasagna with his creative contribution to our secret ingredient: Doritos and Velveeta cheese. Ed sautées onion, garlic, and jalapeño peppers in a skillet before browning Harvest Lane ground beef heart. Believe it or not, the flavorful beef heart is a healthier touch to this tasty dish as it has little to no fat content. Ed adds flavorful spices and herbs such as cumin, coriander, ancho chile powder, and oregano to the sautéed beef mixture. He then carefully layers the crunchy Doritos, silky Velveeta cheese, and beef in a glass pan. Colorful sweet peppers tossed in oil and vinegar, which he then stuffs with Velveeta and roasts separately, complete the dish with a beautiful array of vibrant red, yellow, and green hues.



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Executive Chef Jennifer Thompson creates a playful, fluffy take on the traditional doughnut with old-fashioned Æbleskivers. These fluffy clouds of powdered sweetness are filled with homemade raspberry filling. Chef Jennifer notes that Æbleskivers can be filled with anything from berries to spiced apples. A special pan is used to make these delightful nuggets, which involves filling crater-like openings with batter (similar to pancake batter, but fluffier due to folding in some egg whites). Rich chocolate ganache is served in a spoon for dipping. How sweet!