Food Fight: Bacon Part II

Photos by Will Marks

When we first began planning Issue 40 of FLL, we created a contest on social media. Readers were asked to choose our secret ingredient for the next Food Fight. The answers we received in return were incredible! Some suggestions were exotic, others were simple. But one stuck out as just plain obvious. Bacon. Thank you, Emily Kirsch!

Emily Kirsch, along with her husband Matt Heisey, got a behind-the- scenes preview of how Food Fight operates. They tagged along with FLL to Federal Taphouse and participated in the tasting. Emily and Matt are huge fans of bacon, to say the least. They go through almost three pounds of local bacon per week between themselves and their three children (with one on the way). Their bacon fandom is so well-known that even their parents save bacon fat for them to cook with! Their favorite way to eat bacon? With brussel sprouts or wrapped around asparagus. And, the most exotic variation of bacon they’ve ever tasted was chocolate covered bacon.


Gypsy Kitchen

555 West James Street

Lancaster, 17603

(717) 824-2714

Chef Ed Diller makes us love bacon even more in the form of delicious bacon jam. Perfect for sandwiches, crackers, or pita wedges, this bacon jam makes us want to dress up for a cocktail party! The sweetness of the condiment cuts the salty flavor, making it almost smoky.


Yorgos Restaurant and Lounge

66 North Queen Street

Lancaster, PA 17602

(717) 394-6977

Who’s ready for breakfast? Dazzle your tastebuds with a brand new twist on comforting flavors. A cup made of baked cheddar cheese is filled with a blend of onions, peppers, and hollandaise. Topped with homefry potatoes, bacon, and a sunny side up egg, this dish is best served with Tröegs Java Head Stout. Bacon, beer, breakfast. Boom.



1390 Oregon Road

Leola, PA 17540

(717) 656-3717

Chef Faith Shirk makes our bellies very happy with her contribution. She plates up two crispy Belgian waffles topped with loads of vanilla ice cream, brown sugar candied bacon, and a local peach and jalapeño glaze. Garnished with fresh mint from the Reflections garden, this sweet, spicy, and salty dish will not last more than a minute on your plate!


The Greenfield Restaurant

595 Greenfield Road

Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 393-0668

Chef Rafe Hottenstein shows off his skills with a mesquite grilled thick cut of bacon, surrounded by grilled fresh corn cobettes, peaches, peppers, and tomatoes, dotted with mustarda. Rae’s mustarda, an Italian condiment usually paired with meat, is made with shaved garlic, blanched mustard seeds, and mustard seed oil. The dish is bright in freshness and dark in charcoal flavor.


Federal Taphouse

201 North Queen Street

Lancaster, PA 17603

(717) 490-6932

Winner of the secret ingredient challenge, Emily Kirsch, and her husband, Matt Heisey, join us to taste what Chef Seth Basom plates up for the challenge. The dish includes seared bacon-poached scallops resting on grilled, ginger beer compressed watermelon, bacon whipped cream, bacon pickled root vegetables, and candied bacon. The dish is topped with dustings of both lime and bacon powder.