Flexing His Mussels

Chef Anthony Marini loves mussels. As fate would have it, so do the crowds at the very popular Hunger-N-Thirst in Lancaster.

As one of the most requested dishes on the ever-changing menu, the Prince Edward Island mussels that the restaurant sources are washed and iced down ready to be treated to a delicious bath of chorizo, garlic, shallots, white wine, and overnight tomatoes.

As this mix cooks, it is finished with parsley, thyme, and what could only be described as a “child’s fist” of butter.

“We didn’t want to be obvious and only cook mussels in beer, although we have in the past. The last incarnation of the mussels was a much lighter preparation with mirepoix vegetables, herbs and hefeweizen. This dish is much more rustic for the fall season. The play of seafood with the smoked Spanish sausage is not only warming to the people who enjoy these unctuous bivalves, but to the cooks who prepare them.”

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Lancaster, PA 17603
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