Flavors Forged by the Flame

— From the pages of Taysted issue #4

“The Foundry Craft Grillery’s name was inspired by the historic Lebanon Steel Foundry, a building that once bustled with the sounds of metal on metal, the heat of the fire, and the dedicated workers of generations past.” The sheer immensity of the eight-foot Argentinean-style grill is rather impressive, which guests can view from the dining room. Grill master, Dwayne Spencer, knows his way around the flames.

Dwayne grew up in a household where cooking was a huge part of his daily routine. While his mother focused on Pennsylvania Dutch-style baking, his father’s family perfected the art of savory, southern comfort foods. Inspired by culinary masters such as Julia Child and Graham Kerr, Dwayne developed a deep adoration for cooking and ran with it.

Grilling incredible entrées for The Foundry requires skill and knowledge regarding the effect the flames have on the food. For example, the position of the hot coals and the distance between the food and the fire make a remarkable difference in the taste.

Chef Spencer gave Taysted a basic rundown on how the grill works. In the middle of the mechanism is a metal basket which holds kiln-dried hard wood. As the wood burns, hot coals fall to a lower area which are raked to each side of the grill, providing heat for anything held above. In front of the burning wood is a plancha which is used to cook vegetables and other smaller items. Depending on what is ordered, Chef Spencer arranges the hot coals in ways which yield the richest flavor (either towards the front, back, or evenly spread).

So, what should you order on your next visit? Chef Spencer recommends the Rainbow Trout Saltimbocca. “Cooking with the wood keeps things simple; I just let it do its thing. The trout receives great flavor from the wood itself.” It’s time for a taste of flavors forged by the flame.

The Foundry Craft Grillery
33 South 8th Street, Lebanon PA
(717) 639-2055

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