Firepit: New $5 Happy Hour Menu

12806002_1688026891468863_8799268689683786649_nWhy limit Happy to an Hour?

Well, it’s a good thing Firepit’s Happy Hour lasts for two hours! I’ve basically been wishing forever that one of our local restaurants would have the equivalent to a McD’s Dollar Menu (without all the Mc and the Donald’s included, of course). This is the next best thing!

I can speak from personal experience that the housemade firepit spread is incredible. Everything tastes delicious and fresh because, well, it is. The platter comes with a trio of garlic hummus, tapenade, and baba ganoush and is served with fresh vegetables and fire grilled flatbread.

The fried mac + cheese is also delicious! It is made with a Greek cheese called Kefalotyri cheese, which is made into a bechamel sauce and the bite size nuggets are also served with tomato marmalade. You can also get loaded cheese fries, a half dozen of chicken wings (in a variety of flavors), two ground veal sliders, two pork barbecue sliders, or two chicken kebabs.

And as if all of these items clocking in for just FIVE BUCKS wasn’t enough, Firepit also offers their house wines for $5 a glass and half off any beer on draft.

605 Richmond Dr, # 109, Lancaster PA
(717) 208-3668

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