Fine Finds Breaks the Fast with a Sandwich

Feature by Michele Weiss

One used to think of sandwiches as something quickly slapped together and slammed into the old lunch box before dashing out to work each morning. Then someone, who apparently overslept one too many times, decided it was time to offer breakfast in the form of a sandwich which one can snatch up quickly on their way to work. Breakfast sandwiches indulge us to sleep in ten more minutes and to take longer showers. Here are some bright and perky breakfast sandwiches that will help you start your day whether you’re rushing off to the job, or simply looking for something to hold with one hand while reading the morning news with the other.


Located on a working Lancaster County farm, Oregon Dairy has several great things going for it: a wonderful supermarket, a delightful gift shoppe, an excellent restaurant, and an award-winning bakery. Who doesn’t love lingering over a cup of hot coffee and a Grilled Cheese and Egg Sandwich before reaching for the grocery list to walk off a superb meal? Yep, that’s right. A Grilled Cheese and Egg Sandwich. Oh, and feel free to add bacon or ham. Have your eggs scrambled or over easy. Top all that off with a beautiful slice of American cheese and frankly, I’d say your day is set. Travel Oregon Pike to the Oregon Dairy and start your day with some Lancaster County goodness!


Lititz, PA is a town with charming  homes and equally charming restaurants. One of those restaurants is Tomato Pie Café. The name itself is indeed charming, but what makes this café endearing is its food. There are two sandwiches on the menu which will taunt your taste buds to distraction. They are two distinctly different selections but both are highly attractive contestants. Contestant number one is their Smoked Salmon Bagel that starts with one of their toasted plain or everything bagels and is deliciously adorned with cucumber, tomato, onion, capers, smoked salmon, and cream cheese. Contestant number two is their Eggs and Brie Sandwich comprised of two fried eggs, arugula, bacon, and raspberry brie gently resting on two slices of multi-grain sunflower bread. Good luck making the choice. My advice is to take a breakfast partner and sample both of them. Head to Tomato Pie Café sooner than later!


Tucked away in the Leola Business Center is a labor of love café owned by (you guessed it) Gracie and her husband Jim. The care and attention they give to the food they serve make this a no-brainer for breakfast. And, if your high-test coffee didn’t quite get you going this morning, wait until you taste their lively Breakfast Torta. They start with toasted ciabatta and generously add chipotle aioli, scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese, housemade chorizo, and pickled red onions. If this beauty of a sandwich doesn’t wake your taste buds up and propel you through your morning, nothing will! This is a superb café that features creative and talented food. Make sure you visit them the first chance you get!


I love hip corner restaurants in the city that become your pit stop on the way to work. One of those cool breakfast havens is Commonwealth on Queen. With a lovely décor and offering gourmet breakfast, tasty lunch, alluring sweets, and lively coffee, they will happily give you that little pick-me-up we all desperately need some mornings! So, why not try their most famous sandwich, the Big Ol’ Breakfast Sandwich? Let’s build it, shall we? Take one large brioche bun, a farm fresh egg, local bacon, roasted red peppers, avocado, cheddar cheese, and spicy aioli, and you’ve got a Big Ol’ Breakfast Sandwich with big ol’ flavor. I dare you to tempt your taste buds on this one! Tomorrow morning should be the day to make Commonwealth on Queen your destination pit stop.