Meats Aged in House at Federal Taphouse Lancaster

Ah, we meat again! Executive Chef Mike Casey loves to experiment. You may remember Chef Mike’s name and face from the most recent issue of Taysted Magazine, the food offshoot of Fine Living Lancaster magazine.

Emily Caneal of Taysted interviewed Mike about the recent meats he’s been curing and aging. She even got a sneak peak into the fridge, where the meats are aged at 45 degrees and sometimes take four to six months to process completely.

Mike is currently working on a lomo, which is made of pork loin from which he trimmed the fat. Some chefs leave the fat on, however.  For the lomo, Mike rubs the meat in a spice and salt mixture, wraps it up, and lets it sit for one week. He then washes the salt off, and re-spices the meat. He then hangs the meat and ages it for several months.

In addition to the lomo, Mike is also working on a coppa which is derived from the coppa muscle in a pig. He is also aging a sauccision, which is a salami-style aged meat. Seasoned with pink preserving salt, the meat is left to sit for a few days and then put through the meat grinder. Mike then uses pig middles as a casing to stuff the ground meat mixed with the preserving salt and spices. The end result is a two inch diameter salami. The curing happens within the casing. Finally, Mike hopes to finish some chipped beef which only has one more month to go. He will then smoke it, shave it, and serve it for brunch!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on upcoming beer dinners so you, too, can taste Mike Casey’s amazing creations!

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