Cheese Aged in House at Federal Taphouse Lancaster

Executive Chef Mike Casey loves to experiment. You may remember Chef Mike’s name and face from the most recent issue of Taysted Magazine, the food offshoot of Fine Living Lancaster magazine.

Emily Caneal of Taysted interviewed Mike about the recent manchego cheeses he’s been working on. Mike is making two types of manchego made from cow’s milk. A young manchego takes 90 days to age, but Mike plans on aging these cheeses for six entire months.

After drying for three weeks, Mike began a daily dipping of two kinds. One is dipped in framboise (for 10 minutes at a time), while the other is dipped in a mixture of stouts served at the Taphouse.

“I hope to use the cheeses for some upcoming beer dinners,” Mike explains. His main goal is to eventually create charcuterie boards which use all house-aged meats and cheeses. We think he’s off to a good start! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the upcoming beer dinners so you, too, can taste Mike Casey’s amazing creations!

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