Emily Cooks the Web: Pickled Avocado

“Pickles are kind of a big dill.”

I absolutely love the pickle trend that’s been flourishing throughout the past few years. I’ve pickled everything from onions, to radishes, to cauliflower, to watermelon rind… But a new recipe really caught my eye.

Pickled Avocado.

I had so many questions! Do you use ripe avocados? Unripe avocados? Does it get mushy once it’s done? How do you eat it? Do you put it on top of something? Do you eat it plain?

Apparently the best type of avocados are those which are barely ripe. You don’t want them to be hard as a rock, but firm enough that you would need to wait a couple days before making guacamole (for example) is the perfect amount of ripeness. So throw away your paper bags and stop trying every trick in the book to ripen those vegetable imposters up!

Pickle them instead!


Place 3 peeled/pitted/sliced avocados in a jar.
Boil 1 c apple cider vinegar, 1 c water, 2 t allspice berries, ½ c honey, and 1 t salt in a saucepan.
Pour the vinegar mixture overtop of the avocado. Seal with canning lid and ring and let sit for 2 hours before tasting.

Serving ideas:
Put on a salad! Put on a sandwich! Pair with freshly sliced tomatoes!