My Favorite Drink:
Kelly Funk and an Emerald Sunrise 

Kelly Funk is a tequila on the rocks kind of girl. She developed a taste for tequila drinking Skinny Girl margaritas, and then slowly phased out the added mix and lime juice in her favorite drink.

This propensity for tequila led her to Annie Bailey’s Emerald Sunrise. The drink is made with Altos Silver tequila, Ty Ku Citrus liquor, Blue Curacao, fresh lemon juice, agave syrup, orange juice, and grenadine. The result is a smooth, sweet take on tequila; just one sip conjures up feelings of lounging on a tropical beach somewhere, Emerald Sunrise drink in hand.

Kelly works at IA Interior Architects in their New York office, though she lives here in Lancaster. Her job as a workplace strategist allows her to work with large corporations at their headquarters around the country to improve upon their individual workplace designs (that includes their strategy, culture, business vision, structure, and rewards system, among other things). Her job keeps her busy, travelling three or four days a week to either NYC or her clients’ locations. “I tell people that I live out of a suitcase,” she laughs.

When in Lancaster, Kelly is on the Committee for Music For Everyone’s 10-year anniversary “Un-Gala” and enjoys spending time with her friends and her husband, Joshua Funk, co-owner of Annie Bailey’s with his brother, Jake.